Bespoke jewellery designs are made exclusively to your specifications. All the custom-made pieces require a sequence of specialised stages in the hand making process.

Each piece begins its life by being initially hand carved from a block of wax. The carving technique applied gives depth and precision, resulting in a highly detailed prototype which is then ready to cast.

I specialise in creating jewellery inspired by works of art, portraits or any other subjects of sculptural nature.

Each custom-made design is hand carved like a sculpture and preserves/interpret all details in proportion and dimension: either two-dimensional ( “Relief” technique ) or three-dimensional.

Wax carving requires meticulous concentration and numerous working hours.

When the prototype is fully carved it is then cast in a precious metal of your choice. 

The technique used for casting is the ancient process of “Lost wax”. ( This technique becomes popular during the ancient Greek times as it allowed great and realistic details to be transferred into any precious metal…). 

Once the casting is complete every single detail relating to the design is then carefully refined and perfected by hand in preparation for polishing. It’s during this final stage that the piece really comes alive. 

We are excited by the challenge that each customer brings and enjoy creating personalised pieces.

That includes : 

– Hand-carved designs, with highly three-dimensional details, for rings, pendants, bracelets and bangles. We work on sterling silver, 9ct, 14 ct and 18 ct of white or yellow gold and platinum
– Wedding bands and engagement rings. We work with precious and semi stones upon request.
– Bespoke beading designs.

As each item is handmade please allow sufficient time to complete, the estimated time for the making of bespoke designs is usually three to four weeks.

Provide us with all the information, sizes and references and we will contact you with a quote and estimated time frame.